Our Story


Our Story

An Alternative Concept. A Hybrid of Carnival. A Revolution of Mas

In 2015, a cry was heard – a resounding demand for theatre and drama and extravagance to return to the streets of Port of Spain.

And so, The Lost Tribe came to be.

A movement that attracted those who for so long have wished to be part of a different story, a different experience.

The Lost Tribe seeks to bridge the gap between the traditional and contemporary, to welcome into its folds the storytellers, the dancers, the thespians who live inside us all.

The Lost Tribe sprung forth on the black carpet of the capital, baked and risen in the blistering heat; and in 2016, the Savannah welcomed us with open arms.

In 2017, we bringing the RIDDIM to the stage. Feet tapping, waistlines rolling, hands clapping, eyes closed, mouths open in pure ecstasy as we make music with the mas.

See the music …


The Lost Tribe Design Team

Since inception, The Lost Tribe has served as an incubator for a wealth of creative talent. Our 2017 presentation ‘RIDDIM’ came to life as a result of insightful collaboration between our designers, under the watchful eyes of Creative Director Valmiki Maharaj and Co-Creative Director Anya Ayoung Chee.

Our design collective this year includes Shawn Dhanraj, JP Richardson, Keegan Simon, Nadya Shah, Shari Cumberbatch, Simon White, Jeri-Lee Alexander & Lauren Baccus and Aaron Schneider.

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