Blu Riddim

The LOST TRIBE hits the road in BLUE for MONDAY 2017

The RIDDIM of our country is specially accented by the raw, and unique sound of our Blue J’Ouvert. The Lost Tribe uses its Monday presentation to celebrate this sound and feel.

Our masqueraders are some of the most creative, expressive and individuals to hit the road for Carnival. This year for Carnival Monday, we have chosen the colour Blue to theme our Monday Road Experience.

At distribution, the band will provide fabric for women and T-shirts for men for your personalization.

We encourage all our masqueraders to style their Monday looks in this colour scheme and look forward to you experiencing the BLURIDDIM for 2017.

Also, our very own designers SHAWN DHANRAJ and SHOP SHARI have designed capsule collections inspired by THE #BLURIDDIM LOST TRIBE MONDAY CONCEPT available exclusively FOR SALE to registered LOST TRIBE 2017 masqueraders.

These items are available for sale by request / pre- order. Pieces are shown below with prices and purchase information.

Option A (Left) – $700 / Option B (Right) – $700
Other items in the collection are available upon request.

Option A (Left) – $900 / Option B (Right) – $800
Male options available upon request from Shawn.

Please Contact Us to order one of the above costumes. Please note that the deadline date for Ordering is DECEMBER 28, 2017. And that orders are confirmed with associated payments.

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