Inspired by the ‘Djun-Djun’ drum of the Laventille Rhythm Section: A local category of drum describing traditional war drums.

Costume Prices
All Inclusive

Female: $4,550 (US$728) includes Headpiece, Wholepiece, Cuffs, Neckpiece, Necklace, Cape & Backpack

Male: $3,850 (US$616) includes Headpiece, Armpieces, Pants, Neckpiece, Backpack & Djembe Drum

The Lost Tribe Design Team: Valmiki Maharaj, Anya Ayoung Chee
Keegan Simon, Simon White, Nadya Shah, Shari Cumberbatch, Aaron Schneider, Jeri-Lee Alexander & Lauren Baccus, Shawn Dhanraj and JP Richardson.

Photography by: Laura Ferreira

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